Actress Dawn’s good deed!

POPULAR actress Dawn Thandeka King understands the struggle that children from poor families goes through.

For this reason, she has taken a stand to help them realise their dreams of a better education.

Dawn is the ambassador of School Shoes for the Poor campaign, which is driven by the National Funeral Practitioners Association of South Africa (Nafupa SA).

As the schools opened this week, a lot of pupils will be walking to school without shoes. But Dawn said through the campaign, they would donate shoes to hundreds of pupils from poor backgrounds to help them realise their dreams.


“Some young girls and boys end up quitting school because of humiliation. It is not okay to go to school without shoes as that humiliates poor pupils. These are the leaders of tomorrow, so we can’t let them throw away their dreams. The purpose of the campaign is to make sure that a child goes to school with dignity,” said Dawn.

Initiating the campaign, the association is running a competition where people can send an SMS and stand a chance to win a car.

Dawn said she had always wanted to help the youth.

“No child should be deprived of their right of going to school. I’m happy that Nafupa SA chose to work with me in order to benefit those who cannot afford to. If other organisations can plough back to their communities and give to the poor, we can live in a better world. We hope that people will open their hearts and support this initiative,” she said.

To get involved and also stand a chance to win a car, one can SMS Nafupa SA to 45528.

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