From Big Xhosa to SOS!

RAPPER Big Xhosa is dropping his name, character and brand.

The 22-year-old musician, whose real name is Sesethu Myeki, said the parody rapper he referred to as his alter ego had been career suicide for him. He will now be known as SOS.

The artist rose to fame last year, quickly becoming one of the most loved rappers in Mzansi.

Fellow rapper iFani even came out of retirement to record a song with him. However, he said he was done with the name Big Xhosa.

“Right now, I’m not interested in making music as Big Xhosa. I just want to push the real me out there. I’m not sure if I’ll ever push music as Big Xhosa again,” he said.

SOS said his alter ego had closed off a lot of doors for him.


“The reason I’m dropping the funny character is because once people hear the name, they lose interest.

“It’s associated with the negative stuff I used to sing about, like not taking the vaccine. I was joking, but brands are taking it seriously and turning me down. It is messing up my business,” he said.

The rapper also spoke about the difference between SOS and Big Xhosa.

“SOS is more like a serious guy, while Big Xhosa jokes a lot. Big Xhosa came about as a way to introduce me. I was making music as SOS at first and pushing music as him, but it wasn’t working out. So because I have a funny side to me, I decided to go with it because South Africans love to laugh. Unlike SOS, Big Xhosa went viral and made me a well-known brand. Now I want to bring SOS back,” he said.

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