Hanover Park man wanted to turn his life around

A dad of one from Hanover Park has been mercilessly gunned down outside a known drug den.

The heartbroken mother of Emile de Klerk, 31, says he was killed just a day after he told his family he wanted to give up his drug addiction.

It is believed Emile was leaving the drug house on Tuesday when he came under attack by unidentified gunmen.

Mom Sonja, 54, says she was at work when she received the call that her son had been killed in Silica Walk.

“Emile is not married but he lives with his girlfriend and they have a daughter who is only one-year-old. I was at work in Pinelands when my children called me to say I must come home but they didn’t want to tell me why,” she says.

MOTIVE UNKNOWN: Emile was shot dead in Silica Walk

Sonja rushed to the scene where she found her son’s lifeless body covered with a blanket.

“He was shot outside the drug house and we think he may have gone to buy drugs,” she says.

“The neighbours could not tell us anything but just said he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“We are still in shock because we saw that he was shot in the neck and head and we don’t know why they would shoot him.”

Police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi, says Philippi Police responded to the 1pm shooting.

“Upon arrival at the scene they found the body of an unknown man who sustained gunshot wounds to his head,” he says.

“The 31-year-old victim was declared deceased on the scene by the medical personnel.

“The unknown suspect/s fled the scene in an undisclosed direction and are yet to be arrested.

“The motive for the attack is unknown. Philippi Police are investigating the murder.”

Sonja says the family is heartbroken as her son wanted to turn a new leaf.

“The night before, he came to me and said ‘mummy I want to leave the drugs,’” she says.

“I am not sure what he was using but we are very confused and shocked because he was not a gangster. His girlfriend is so devastated she can’t even speak.”

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