Neat Shack divides social media!

SHACKS, though small shelters that are often basic in design and construction, are a reality for the majority of South Africans who live in squatter camps. 

Social media user @babeotswejang shared a photo of a clean and tidy shack with minimal decor, proving that you don’t need a fortune to be in a “beautiful” space.“It doesn’t matter where you stay – being clean is a habit and personality trait,” the user captioned the photo. 

Other social media users did not hold back their opinion.

While some cited that living in a shack was not something people should celebrate, many were proud of how well-kept it was.

Twitter user @its_lesh3 commented: “Congratulations! We’ve all been there – we started there. Don’t take anything negative that’s being said here seriously. At least you’re not pretending to be someone or something you’re not. Your place looks beautiful and clean.”

Another user @Blissme4real said: “Oh, this really touched me. Whoever this person is, may his life never end like this. I pray that one day, he will upload a photo of a well-furnished duplex built by his own hands, side by side this one. We’ll be here to celebrate with him. May God bless your hustle.” 

But @RicaSga85 was one of those who were not impressed with shack dwelling, commenting that people were suffering in Gauteng.He also stated that people lived in shacks because they were waiting for the government to build them RDP houses. 

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