Newborn dies after 5 hours, family blames staff

An ouma is hartseer over the death of her first grandchild, which the family alleges died after just five hours, due to staff negligence at Groote Schuur Hospital.

Wilhemina van Rooyen says her only child, 19-year-old Shané, had labour pains during the early hours of Friday, January 7.

With baby Cassidy only due in February, the concerned Cafda ouma immediately called an ambulance.

“Shané was with her boyfriend who lives close by when they called to say she had pains, so I called for an ambulance,” says Wilhemina.

However, the ambulance never arrived and she called an Uber to take her daughter to Groote Schuur.

“When I got there at 8.30am, the nurses did not want me to go see her, but they said she was in the labour ward.

HEARTBROKEN: Wilhelmina, 46

“At 11.30am, I got her some food and then they told me I must go home and call again at 4pm.”

The 46 year old said she was told the grim news at 11.30pm.

“The doctor then told me that the baby died due to breathing complications,” says Wilhemina.

The heartbroken ouma says when she spoke to her daughter the next day, she heard shocking details.

“Shané she told me the baby was born at 9.30pm on 7 January and died at 2.30am the next morning,” says the ouma.

“She said they wanted to take her for a C-section but they waited so long that the baby’s head came out already, so they just took her out and gave Shané the baby just like that.

“The baby was crying and Shane was alone with Cassidy for six hours until it died.”

TRAGIC: Baby Cassidy had a lung problem. Picture supplied

Wilhemina says they were aware that the baby had complications with her lungs and kidneys when Shané was six months pregnant, but thought the hospital would take better care of them.

“How could they give Shané the baby without putting her in the incubator or something?

“And why when I called that night did they tell me the baby died, when according to Shané it was still alive that time?

“I mean Shané sat with her for six hours without anybody helping her, it’s almost like they knew Cassidy was going to die and they just let her.

“We want answers, so that we can find closure and move on.”

Groote Schuur spokesman Alaric Jacobs confirmed Shané gave birth at the hospital.

However, he denied that the young mother and her baby were mistreated.

“The doctors and nurses did everything they could to assist.

“Staff was present to assist the patient at all times, she was not left alone,” he says.

“We did communicate the cause of death.

“The hospital will provide ongoing counselling and support to her to process the loss of her baby.”

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