Skelms took on armed off-duty officer and lost

A skelm trying to take advantage of motorists on a potholed road met his match when his victim turned out to be an armed cop.

Police are now investigating after the off-duty officer allegedly shot and killed the skollie who tried to hijack him in Khayelitsha.

The cop was driving his Toyota Corolla in busy Japhta K Masemola Road on Monday afternoon when two suspects approached his car.

After the skollies took out their guns, the police officer drew his own gun and a shootout ensued in which one of the skelms was killed.

VOLATILE: Cops in Japhta K Masemola Road on Monday. Video supplied

A source close to the investigation says the armed men took advantage of the potholes in the road.

“Drivers almost never drive fast in that section of the road and the off-duty officer was driving extremely slower than usual through the damaged road and that is when the two armed suspects pounced and tried to take the car,” says the witness.

“They obviously didn’t know that the man they were trying to hijack is a police member.

“There was a shootout between them, one of the suspects fell on the ground while his friend managed to escape.

“It is unclear whether he has been wounded or not, but the police recovered a firearm from the scene.”

TARGET: Cop’s Toyota Corolla

Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi says the motive for the attack was robbery.

“The circumstances surrounding an incident that occurred on Monday at about 1.30pm near Jafta Masemola Street in Khayelitsha are under investigation.

“Two unknown suspects approached the driver of a vehicle, pointing him with firearms.

“The driver then fired gunshots at the suspects, fatally wounding the 19-year-old male, whilst the other suspect fled the scene,” he explains.

“The victim was declared deceased on the scene by the medical personnel.

“The motive for the attack was robbery.

TARGET: Cop’s Toyota Corolla. Picture supplied

“Khayelitsha Police Station registered an attempted murder and an inquest for further investigation.”

Anyone with information of the second suspect can call Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

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