No leads in hunt for baby

After nearly two weeks cops have been unable to trace the woman who snatched a two-month-old baby in Bishop Lavis despite an identikit of her being circulated on social media.

Francis, 41, the mom of Kai-Isha Meniers says she is starting to lose hope as no new leads have surfaced.

Kai-Isha went missing on 30 April while her mom was inside Shoprite running errands for a neighbour.

ABDUCTED: Baby Kai-Isha Meniers

Francis said the kidnapper approached her and pretended to be pregnant, even buying her nappies and food to gain her trust, then took the child and vanished without a trace.

The woman was captured on CCTV footage leaving with the child and getting into a car.

“I was so happy when they released a picture of that woman because we thought that we will get somewhere but nobody knows who this woman is.

“I have to take tablets to sleep but every night I skrik wakker looking for my daughter. I just want her home.”

WANTED: Identikit of the kidnapper

Community Police Forum (CPF) chairperson, Graham Lindhorst, says search parties will once again gather on Saturday to help find Kai-Isha.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Detective Thembisa Buqa on 073 519 3384.

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