Drummies ready to launch in Mitchells Plain

A new drummie group will be launched in Mitchells Plain at the weekend and excited organisers say they can’t wait to see the community’s reaction.

A group of concerned residents say they started the group to instil discipline in the youth of Tafelsig and Lost City, and also to let them have some fun.

Kashiefa Samuels, one of the founding members of the Diverse Youth Patriots, said the cadet club is a way to promote pride in the community while teaching the youth valuable life skills.

“Too many of our youth fall victim to the problems that exist in our community like gangsterism and drugs and we feel that having the cadets can be a way where we can teach them discipline and also get them off the streets.”

GUIDANCE: Kashiefa Samuels

The 38 year old says the Patriots currently have just over 100 members aged between seven and 23 and were previously part of either drummies or drilling squads.

“Before, these children were part of squads from all over but due to Covid and other issues, they all had to stop since late last year.

“All of our members are from Tafelsig and Lost City so we felt it was important that we bring a cadet programme closer to home because these kids have the passion but they need help and guidance,” says Kashiefa.

“Besides learning the instruments and the drills, the main lesson we want to teach is discipline while also showing pride in the community.

“The plan is to compete against other squads but we also want to perform for the community, as it will allow people to see our work first-hand and that will help the squad have a bigger influence on the youth.”

The launch of the Patriots will take place on a field near Snowdon Street in Tafelsig tomorrow from 10am and residents will be treated to smart drills and lekker kos.

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