Residents bid farewell to fire boeties

Over 500 hartseer residents gathered in Bishop Lavis to bid farewell to two little brothers who died in a blaze which engulfed their home last week.

The vigil hosted for five-year old Xache Weideman and his four-year-old brother Jaune-Ray was hosted by the Arc Foundation to assist their grief-stricken mother who also lost her home in Arthur Abrahams Avenue.

It is alleged that the house was petrol bombed.

At the time, mom of two Chenay Engelbrecht said that she had briefly left the house and when she returned she found it in flames with her sons trapped inside. She said her partner was threatened by men hours before.

Amanda Davids of the Arc Foundation says residents closed down Arthur Abrahams Avenue.

A memorial service were held in Athur Abrahams street where two boys passed away. Fire crews were deployed to the scene in Arthur Abrahams Avenue in the early hours of Friday morning.. Picture Leon Lestrade. African News Agency/ANA.

“Residents lit candles in their memory,” she said.

“The DNA tests have been conducted and we are waiting for the outcome for the confirmation of the identities so we can commence with funeral plans.

“As the mother could not afford to bury her children, we appealed to undertakers and all of them said they were busy but Morne Marinus Undertakers stepped forward and will do the funeral for the family for free.

A memorial service were held in Athur Abrahams street where two boys passed away. Picture: Leon Lestrade. African News Agency/ANA.

“They also paid for the private DNA tests so the boys can be buried as soon as possible.”

Community Police Forum (CPF) chairperson, Graham Lindhorst, confirms that the alleged petrol bomb attack is being investigated.

“Bishop Lavis police are still gathering information on the allegation that this was arson.”

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