500 days on and still no arrest in Tamia murder

More than 500 days after four-year-old Tamia Botha was murdered, police still have not made an arrest.

The little girl went missing on September 25, 2022 and her body was found the following day in a bag, on a school field near her home.

It is believed she was taken during load shedding.

A few days later two men were arrested but due to them not being enrolled at court, they had to be released.

Councillor Leandre Matthee says: “We have been waiting on the DNA results, but the family has not been told anything, we are still waiting for the police to come and put Mia’s parents at ease. The parents want answers.

“The last time the family heard from the police was last year in March. We are all losing hope.”

Action Society’s Ian Cameron says they were asked by the family to look into the matter and expressed his disappointment in the police.

“It’s 500 days since the community was brought to a stand still and had to search for her with cell phone lights because of hardly any reaction from the police.

“Despite the fact that the case was instructed to be prioritised by the district commander and I’m told, by the station commander, nothing has happened.”

He says they’ve even written to provincial commander Lieutenant General Thembisile Patekile several times.

“The police kept telling us they would come back to us. What did Mia do to deserve this disregard?”

The Daily voice contacted provincial police on Thursday to hear if there’s been any movement on the case but no reply was received by deadline.

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