Calls for traffic measures on Duinefontein Road after speeding bakkie kills mom

Manenberg residents are calling for traffic calming measures along Duinefontein Road after a mother of two died after being hit by a speeding driver.

The family of Ashtranita Regue, 37, says her friends were left traumatised after witnessing her being flung into the air and falling on her head after she was hit by a bakkie on Tuesday just before 6pm.

Sister Kim Kleinbooi says: “She is a mom of two teen girls and on Tuesday she was all happy and smiles because it was my birthday and now my last memory is of her singing to me.

Kim says: “She left home the afternoon with her friends to go and withdraw money at the Caltex garage and then the children came to tell us what happened.

“When we got there you could see she had a head injury and both her legs were broken.

“Her friend who witnessed it said she was standing inside the yellow line when the bakkie came speeding and he tried to brake but he still hit her. Sy het lug gevang en op haar kop geval.”

Ashtranita Regue, 37.
TRAGIC DEATH: Ashtranita Regue

Police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi, confirms the incident and says: “The victim was declared deceased on the scene.

“The driver of the motor vehicle also sustained injuries in the process. Manenberg police registered a culpable homicide for further investigation.”

Kim says the community is
reeling in shock after yet another death as motorists do not stick to the speed limit on the notorious road.

She adds: “We are very hartseer and it is hard for all of us. Her daughters lost their father a few years ago when he died due to cancer and now they have no mother.

“How many more people must die on that road before something is done? Drivers don’t care that there are people crossing the road and they [the City] must install speed bumps or something.”

Mayco member for Urban Mobility, Rob Quintas, says Duinefontein Road is classified as a major arterial which carries high volumes of traffic, where mobility needs to be maintained.

Quintas explains: “Roads of this classification do not fall within the ambit of the Traffic Calming Policy. Therefore raised traffic calming measures such as speed humps would not be considered, nor would they be appropriate for this class of road.”

However, the City could not comment on whether the traffic cameras already installed on the road are in working order.

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