Red Bull Shay’iMoto spin contest heads to Cape Town for the first time

Petrolkoppe are already drooling as they look forward to Red Bull Shay’iMoto next month.

The thrilling spinning competition will be hosted in Cape Town for the first time.

South Africa’s top spinners were selected out of hundreds of video submissions, which closed last month.

Sixteen of the best will now battle it out on 16 March at Canal Walk, and Cape Town has six contenders.

They will be judged on their best tyre-burning skills and stunts, while manoeuvring a tricky obstacle course laid out by some legendary spinners. The course will feature the likes of “the kitchen”, “the target slide”, and “the make-out corner”.

Having originated in Soweto in the late 1980s, spinning grew in popularity over the years and spread across SA, with places like Cape Town embracing the culture.

Two-time champion Samkeliso “Sam Sam” Thubane will return to defend his title. Samkeliso says: “Every year is a new challenge for me, but I’m motivated and I look 
forward to seeing all the new 
spinners in Cape Town.”

Yaseen Damon, from Grassy Park, has been part of the competition since 2019 and says he is excited to show off in his hometown.

Damon says: “A lot of people in Cape Town don’t have the knowledge of spinning, so I’m hoping this opens up a new world for people who don’t know about it. This is not a hooligan sport, it’s something you need to see for yourself to experience the thrill.”

Some of the finalists include Samkeliso, Austin Kruger, Dylan Brough, Yoram Naude, Llewelyn “Loopy” Labert, Chadwin “Boskie” Hadjie, Yaseen and Rick Rebelo.

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