Happy Birthday! Beloved dog, Fanie, celebrates his 25th birthday

A Miniature Pinscher from Mitchells Plain celebrated his 25th birthday in style, thanks to the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWS SA).

Fanie, believed to be one of the oldest dogs in the country, was treated to a special party at the welfare’s adoption centre on Saturday.

The celebrations came after AWS SA nurse Jaque le Roux took to social media last month to ask mense to get on board to make Fanie’s day extra special.

“We wrapped our brains around it and said let’s have a party in aid of Fanie and also raise awareness at our adoption centre,” he explained.

Man of the hour: Fanie posing for pictures at his 25th birthday party on Saturday.Picture: Jackie Wernberg Photography.

On Saturday the AWS along with several donors went above and beyond to celebrate Fanie’s silver jubilee.

Fanie, being the guest of honour and loving all the attention, was treated to cake and doggie treats that were specially prepared for him.

“We are grateful for everyone joining and being here on the special day for this special little guy. To all our animal welfare staff, thank you guys for continuing to make a difference on a daily basis,” an emotional Le Roux said.

Fanie, the Miniature Pinscher from Mitchells Plain celebrated his 25th birthday in style.Picture: Jackie Wernberg Photography.

The hondjie along with his owner, Abe Hendricks, 69, has been visiting the AWS clinics since he was a puppy.

Abe says he never expected the AWS to go so all out for Fanie.

“I was stunned, I didn’t expect the attention that this dog got from the people who came to see him,” he said.

“They baked a birthday cake for Fanie, another company came with ice cream and they gave him treats.”

Buddies:Fanie and his owner,Abe Hedricks at his 25th birthday celebrations.Picture: Jackie Wernberg Photography.

Fanie belonged to Abe’s late wife who passed away in 2019, and he says she used to spoil the pooch rotten, but now the two of them skut everywhere together.

“Fanie being with me is all grace and love,” Hendricks said.

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