Heart FM’s Julian bids farewell after 22 years

After a rollercoaster 22 years on-air, Heart FM radio personality Julian Cranford-Naidoo is packing away the mic.

However he will remain at the station in the role of Head of Marketing.

The Breakfast Show host made the announcement on air yesterday alongside co-hosts Aden Thomas and Tara Lee.

Team: Julian, Aden Thomas and Tara Lee. Picture: supplied

After keeping listeners in suspense for an hour, Julian said fifteen minutes before the show ended: “An opportunity has come for me to head up marketing for this very radio station so I’m still going to be part of the bigger Heart FM family but I will no longer be on air.”

Heart FM said in a statement: “The beloved traffic presenter and co-host of Heart FM Breakfast, steps down from his on-air role after an illustrious 22-year term to embrace a new chapter within the organisation. Julian will now serve as the Head of Marketing, leveraging his extensive experience and passion for broadcasting to drive the station’s marketing initiatives forward.”

“I was getting ready to move to the UK and go and live in London for two years.”

But while waiting for his visa to be approved, the Traffic Islands competition came on radio and his mom encouraged him to enter and “here I am 22 years later, I didn’t leave.”

With his Commerce and Marketing degree in hand, Julian says he is happy to make the move now before he reaches his ‘sell-by date’ as a radio host.

“Being a radio presenter was never part of the plan. It just happened by default. I was in love with marketing before I was in love with radio.”

You will still be able to listen to Julian until the end of June while the station finds a suitable replacement.

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