Man kills alleged robber with his Hyundai

An alleged robbery victim who killed one of his alleged robbers by ramming into him with his car has been arrested.

The deceased and two other men allegedly robbed a man of his cellphone. It’s alleged that the victim then chased after them in a car and rammed into one of the skelms, killing him instantly.

One of the other suspected skelms was beaten to a pulp while the third managed to escaped unscathed.

The incident which happened on Sunday afternoon around 4.30pm on Petrea Street in Ottery left residents shocked.

This is the Hyundai 130 driven by the father and his so that hit and killed the cellphone skelm in Ottery. Picture: Leon Knipe

Ferness Estate neighbourhood watch chairperson Charmaine Arendse says: “I was alerted on Sunday afternoon at 4.30pm by members of my team and residents of an alleged robbery and car chase that took place in Plantation Road and ended in Petrea Street.

“We contacted the various services for assistance. We found two injured males lying on the side of the road and one of them left the scene, uninjured.

“The emergency service personnel declared one dead on scene and the other one was rushed to hospital. The one who left the scene then returned some time later and gave the police a statement about what happened.”

She says the driver of the vehicle was taken into custody.

Charmain explains: “The police arrested the male who was driving the car.

“The neighbourhood watch would like to sympathise with the families of everyone that was involved in this incident that happened in our area. We encourage residents to be alert and encourage them to join the neighbourhood watch.”

Case: Van Wyk. Picture: supplied

She adds: “Ferness is a fairly quiet area, but there were times when we had an increase in home break-ins.

“We have had a few pedestrian robbery incidents in this area over the last two months. Criminals usually move through this area and commit different types of crimes – they mostly come from Parkwood and Freedom Park.

“This accident has left the community on high alert now as we also had an incident on the Saturday afternoon where a resident found someone lying on his roof watching the houses.”

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirms a man was arrested.

He reports: “Grassy Park police are investigating a culpable homicide case following an incident where an unidentified male was knocked and fatally injured with a car and another injured on Sunday at about 4:30pm on Petrea Street, Ferness Estate.

“A 44-year-old male was arrested and will appear in the Wynberg Magistrates court once charged.”

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