Siphokazi Booi’s brutal death described

Family and friends of murdered Siphokazi Booi were left gutted as they listened to the testimony of the investigating officer describing in detail how she had been killed.

The suspect, Sithobele “Rasta” Qeba, appeared at the Paarl Regional Court on Monday where his trial officially kicked off, nearly three years after the murder.

The State set out to prove that Qeba had beaten Booi to death before setting her alight and placing her remains into a wheelie bin in September 2021.

Booi’s body was discovered just metres from his home in Mbekweni.

Action Society’s Kaylynn Palm

Action Society, who has been following the case in court, said Booi had been unrecognisable due to her severe injuries.

“She was severely beaten, dismembered and tossed in a wheelie bin before it was set on fire,” Action Society said.

“She (the investigating officer) added that her (Booi’s) face was not recognisable and her identity had to be confirmed through DNA testing.

“She also pointed out the fact that Rasta was out on bail at the time of her murder for assault GBH (also against Siphokazi), and one of the conditions was that he was not allowed to go near her. She showed before and after photos of Siphokazi wherein she is completely unrecognisable.

“She finally explained how community members helped chase down and arrested Rasta after they found out about the murder.”

Action Society’s Kaylynn Palm said they would continue to watch and monitor the case.

Siya Monakali of Ilitha Labantu, an organisation which advocates against the abuse of women and children, added: “We are appealing for the justice system to impose the harshest of sentences on perpetrators of injustices especially violence against women and children.”

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