Three Cable thieves caught in trenches

Three men were caught red-handed digging out street light cables along the M5 highway on Monday.

Mayco member for safety and security JP Smith says vigilant officers noticed suspicious activity in the vicinity of the Racecourse Road bridge along the busy highway.

Upon investigating the suspects were found crouching in the trench and digging out the recently replaced street light cabling.

“The suspects, upon catching sight of the approaching officers, abandoned their tools and fled,” says Smith.

“Officers chased after the suspects and managed to apprehend all three. Sadly, the cabling had already been cut, with a large section removed.”

Utensils: Tools used to remove cables from street lights. Pictures: City of Cape Town

The three men were arrested by officers attached to the Law Enforcement Metal Theft Unit and charged at Wynberg police station, with theft and damage to critical infrastructure.

Wayne Dyason, spokesperson for the City’s Law Enforcement says the latest incident is adding to the growing list of damaged infrastructure that needs to be replaced due to theft and vandalism.

“Unfortunately the list has been growing faster than what service contractors can attend to,” he said.

He says last Thursday officers noticed the trenches were dug and cables removed at Racecourse Road bridge but the suspects had already left.

“The area officers then monitored this area and on 13 May three male suspects were caught red-handed, removing cables,” he says.

“They were arrested and the investigating officer will see if these suspects can be linked to the first incident as well.”

The City has recovered over 1 700 kilograms of stolen metal in nine months between July 2023 and March 2024 by Law Enforcement’s Metals Theft Unit.

Smith adds that under the Criminal Matters Amendment Act, a minimum prison sentence of 3 years is prescribed, up to 30 years.

He said: “Hands off our copper cable! We will catch you.”

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